About Cretan Olives

Our product differentiates from other oils due to its 100% purity meaning that it is cold pressed without any form of chemical interference.

Further more our product has not been mixed with different oils to reach a certain acidity level which is artificial. We do not trade with refined oils or any oils that have been chemical manipulated like 80-90% of the olive oils in the market today. Our oil has been under strict control throughout all of the production processes.

This mean that our pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete also keep its amount of vitamins and nutrition profile as the true and pure Olive Oil has and should have. Most of the oils in the market have been under chemical modification to decrease its acidity level and to increase profit margins which also mean these oils do not keep the rich vitamin content and nutrition profile as true and pure Extra Virgin Olive oil has and should have. It is exactly this reason why Cretan Olives differentiates from the other olive oil manufacturers. Our product has kept its original taste, smell, and vitamin content.

The customers have become aware of these differences and this why Cretan Olives and our clients has succeeded in its respective high end markets for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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