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The production and standardization exclusively of extra virgin olive oils, as well as olive oil with the protected designation of origin (P.D.O.) KOLYMPARI.

Our olive oil product has identity as well as personal data that are not kept secret but are expressed by a name, a surname, a place of origin and a manufacturer's name. They are olive oils coming from the area of Kolympari. Especially the P.D.O. olive oil KOLYMPARI, HANIA, CRETE is produced under the constant and strict control of the Ministry for Agricultural Development, which ensures full compliance with E.U. legislation and, thus, guarantees the production of supreme quality olive oil.

The production of olive oil is conducted by means of natural methods in our own modern oil presses under strictly observed low thermal and sanitary conditions, while the time between the harvesting and the crushing of the olive fruit is reduced to minimum, so that its nutrients, its golden green colour and its fruity taste are not altered.

The olive oil is stored in stainless tanks with a capacity of 1,500 tons kept in a privately owned facility under monitored environmental conditions, so that its qualitative characteristics can be retained unaltered.

Our company possesses its own olive oil bottling plant with a capacity of 1,500 bottles of 750ml per hour and 350 containers of 5l per hour, where all safety and sanitary regulations are met, so that we are able to offer a healthy product to the consumer.



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