Protected Area of Designation


In 1993 EU legislation come into effect which provides for a system for the protection of food names on a geographical or traditional recipe basis (similar to the ‘Appellation Controllee’ system for wines). For a product to obtain a Protected Area of Designation/ Protected Geographical Indication, the product must be produced, processed or prepared in that particular geographical area. The product must be of a specific quality, reputation or have other characteristics attributed to that area solely and considerably different to similar products. Holders of a Protected Area of Designation/ Protected Geographical Indication are obliged to demonstrate long-term commitment to the maintenance of standards and the marketing of the product.

Essentially, P.O.D/ P.G.I. allows the consumer to have total confidence in the quality, conformity and origin of each and every bottle of olive oil.

Cretan Olives only manufactures P.O.D. Oil to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction for our customers and our customers customer

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